Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two on Tuesdays...To The Letter

Who: Christy Robinson
What: Handcrafted Imprinted Jewelry
Where: Dallas, TX
Web: http://www.christyrobinsondesigns.com/default.html
Why: Christy is a favorite among vegans for her simple words and shapes that kindly remind you to treat the planet and every living being upon it with the greatest respect and care. She's been an animal advocate and a metalsmith for over 15 years, and her jewelry is featured in numerous vegan shops as well as on PETA's website (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Lots of messages to choose from, including Animal Friendly, Wish, Ahimsa, I Am The Voice For The Voiceless, Eco Chick and I Am Not A Nugget...love that one!

Who: Debbie Kowalski
What: Handcrafted Imprinted Jewelry
Where: Blairstown, NJ
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fortheanimalsjewelry
Why: Not only is Debbie a rippingly good designer, but she runs her own non-profit sanctuary, For The Animals, too...talk about busy as a bee! She provides rescue, rehabilitation and a lifetime of care for farm and domestic animals and engages in vegan outreach through numerous events such as a Vegan Bake Sale at the famous Moo Shoes in NYC. All proceeds from her Etsy store sales go to the sanctuary, so everyone benefits when you buy a supercool jewel!

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