Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's for Breakfast?

Who: Rossella Manzini of RossLab
What: Cute Ceramics and Other Lovable Things
Where: San Jose, CA and Modena, Italy
Why: Because that Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set with the wooden spoon needs to be my new giant cereal bowl and milk holder.  ;)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Primitive Luxury

Who: Poppy Dandiya
What: Contemporary Jewellery
Where: Devon, UK
Why: Like caveman jewels but better.  ;)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Precious Playthings

Who: Shona Carnegie
What: Jewellery and Small-scale Silverware
Where: Glasgow, Scotland and Montriond, France
Why: Bands and blooms and gems that spin on fun everyday jewels and cherished wedding sets in sterling silver and glowing gold. I can't resist playing with my jewelry, especially my rings, so these precious playthings are just my style!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Natural Beauties

Who: Loris World
What: Original Watercolors, ACEO and Prints
Where: Italy
Why: Beauty is in the eye of the paintbrush holder.  :)

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crankbunny Pranks

Who: Norma Toraya of Crankbunny
What: Pop Up Cards, Paper Puppets & Other Custom Novelties
Where: New York, NY
Why: All sorts of mirth and merrymaking by the hand of a highly acclaimed artist, animator and advertising director. Customizable cards, pop-up pooches and tattooed puppet people...all I can say is  Secret . Decoder . Cards !  ;)

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Queen Will Never Miss Them...

Who: Anna Lorich Akers of Lorak Fine Jewelry
What: Handcrafted Fine Jewelry
Where: New York, NY
Why: Sweet little jewels combining a Scandinavian aesthetic with a passion for ancient treasures, using conflict-free gems and ethically-derived materials. Anna's work is so lovely and wearable, yet noble enough to make you feel like an heir to the throne...and you just happened to tiptoe into the royal coffers to borrow a tiny trinket or two.  ;)


Friday, May 25, 2012

Baubles and Bees

Who: Keri Ataumbi
What: Wearable Art and Custom Jewelry
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Why: I came across Keri's work in a gallery while on vacation and was immediately intrigued by her generous use of insect motifs...plenty of ants and bees and scarabs scurry throughout her work in mysteriously mischievous ways. I must admit I'm more drawn to her pared-down pieces, like her disk and drop earrings and her concave dish bracelets, along with her gemmy little stack rings. Her textures are refined and subtle and add pleasant character to her work, and she uses just the right touch of Chocolate Diamonds, Moonstones, Fancy Sapphires and a colorful palette of Tourmalines.
Keri's background is intriguing as well...she is the daughter of a Kiowa mother and an Italian father and the sister of award-winning bead artist Teri Greeves, she grew up on a Wyoming reservation, studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and now resides in Santa Fe, making beautiful jewels, raising a family and tending to honeybees and her organic garden. Lots of cultural and artistic influence in the mix and an abundance of talent as well!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Legend in Luxury

Who: Sydney Lynch
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Lincoln, NE
Why: A legend in the realm of Fine Art Jewelry, Sydney is highly regarded for her rich mixes of colors, cuts and textures and talismanic motifs. Sydney's One-of-a-Kind pieces feature unorthodox combos of unusually cut gems...Aquamarine, Peridot and Tourmaline...Red Garnet and Spinel...chunks and crystals and rose cuts galore! Her Designer Line is a bit more subdued, perfect for everyday wear but still fetchingly eye-catching. All of her work is infused with her enthusiasm for life and her so-very-optimistic outlook.
Be sure to visit her blog too, for behind-the-scenes peeks into her sun-filled studio, her husband Craig Roper's paintings and photographs, her superyumful kitchen creations and other fascinating facets of her artful life!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bring It

Who: Katherine Lincoln
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Why: Bold jewels sensuously studded with sleepy Moonstones, sultry blue Labradorites and color-strewn Agates. Katherine's style is powerful and directed...I'd love to see her ditch the brass and go for gold. Her pieces aren't necessarily for everyday wear...maybe just for days when you look at life and say "Bring it."


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Slab Shots

Who: Hayne Bayless of Sideways Studio
What: Artful Ceramics
Where: Ivoryton, CT
Why: Slab-built stoneware with lively colors and patterns and bigtime personality!

Who: Mara Lavitt
What: Portrait, Portfolio and Pet Photography
Where: Ivoryton, CT
Why:  Hayne's work has been documented by his talented wife Mara, an accomplished photographer. Mara also features her photos on elegant pillows and scarves...cuddle with your puppy anytime!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jewelled Resources

Who: Lisa DiSciascio of Starlight Woods
What: Earth-friendly Jewelry and Accessories
Where: Cresco, PA
Why: Creative minds think alike...
"The best friend on earth of man is the tree: when we use the tree respectfully and economically we have one of the greatest resources of the earth." -- Frank Lloyd Wright

"No trees were harmed by my creations, all wood is reclaimed from storm damaged trees and fallen branches." -- Lisa DiSciascio
Slices of saved trees are adorned with words and images, then protected with resin to serve as Best Friend Pendants, Chunky Rings, Lucky Keyrings and more. Sweet and lovely and naturally charming. I think Frank would approve.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Cut Above

Who: Anna Raimono of Smith Jewellery
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
Why: Intricately eloquent designs sawed by hand in sterling silver and gold-gilt.
So time-consuming to complete, but oh so worth the effort...just beautiful!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Tales to Tell

Who: Jeffrey Lipton
What: Functional Wood Fired Pottery
Where: Cummington, MA
Why: Wood-fired pottery telling toon-ful little stories...inspiring a different little story each time you use a bowl or cup or plate. So quaint and quirky and provocative to a mischievous imagination.  ;)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

From 10K to 24K

Who: Julia Emmons
What: Fine Art Jewelry
Where: Atlanta, GA
Why: Julia started out in humble pursuit of a Master's Degree in Library Science and ended up building a highly acclaimed career in Athletics Administration, including 22 years as the Race Director of the Peachtree Road Race, the world’s largest and best-known 10K, and the Executive Director of the Atlanta Track Club. And to think that she almost literally stumbled into the world of running back in 1970 and by her own admission, she wasn't very good at it. It didn't matter...even then she was driven by a fiery curiosity, tenacity and enthusiasm...
"I had always thought you were limited by your little basket of whatever: You had such and such intelligence, such and such athletic ability and so on. But with no natural running talent I did relatively well and thoroughly enjoyed it—so my attitude became, why not go try everything else?"
(source: Running Times Magazine, Nov 1999)
And so she did. After decades in administration and civil service, Julia is now a well-established fine art jeweler, creating stone-strong designs in sterling silver and high-karat gold. Select pieces feature delicate lace patterns in elegant counterpoint to bold Boulder Opal, misty Moonstone and curious varieties of Quartz. I love her subtle color combinations, both gems and metals, and her attitude...Yes! Try everything you can get your hands on, find what you love and run with it!  ;)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shall You Have This Dance?

Who: Helen Blythe-Hart
What: Handcrafted Jewelry and Sculpture
Where: Atlanta, GA
Why: Helen seems to live, breathe and dream metals and gems! She hammers dynamic movement and pattern into precious metals, daring her pieces to dance into life. She selects gemstones just as lively, from shimmering Drusy Quartz to simmering Fire Agate along with a technicolor array of Boulder Opal, Tanzanite, Tourmaline and Sapphire, just to name a few! Each piece is a true work of art, bursting with color and dimension from every angle.
Helen continues to explore the breadth of her field, having already earned several degrees, awards and exhibitions world-wide, and developing her own systems of soldering. She is an enthusiastic teacher as well. Clearly, she is an artist who is immersed in her work and happy to show it.
Helen's jewels and sculptures are all about dancing with life...go ahead and give them a spin!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Who: Arianna Blum
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Jersey City, NJ
Why: Elegant swings wrapped in 22K gold with Diamond, Sapphire, Tourmaline and other rainbow hues. Gorgeous and sophisticated!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bare Minimum

Who: Colleen Baran
What: Handmade Contemporary Jewelry 
Where: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Why: Reduced to the bare minimum, yet humming with style and character.
No gems necessary...the metal says it all with the most sensitive perfection.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Moody, Merry and Magical

Who: Leslie Blackford of Moody Woods
What: Polymer Clay Jewelry and Sculptures
Where: Munfordville, KY
Why: Devilishly charming little rogues, rapscallions, acrobats and amulets! Leslie is brilliant with polymer clay, both as an artist and teacher...she gets rave reviews from students, critics and collectors. It's my favorite kind of art...makes you look at a concept in a turn-you-upside-down-on-your-head, supercreative way. And it's merry and magical too!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Who: Jennie Milner of JC Milner Metalworks
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Fort Collins, CO
Why: Screamingly cool nature-popping jewels that evoke the whimsy of daring dreams and dancing doodles! Jennie's work is peppered with her fiery imagination and salted with fun-wonderful things such as colorful resins and etched metals...hand drawn dwellings and curious birds...patterns and papers, sugar and spice, and all sorts of nice!
She works hard, is perpetually and delightfully evolving in her create-itude and seems humbly amused by it all. I'd love to share a studio with her, even just for a day, to share in it all!  :)


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Busy As A Bee

The air is soft with the sweet May showers,
And the birds make melody.
The lazy hum of the busy bees
Murmureth through the almond trees.
(from In Spring by Ernest Dowson)

Spring is such a spinningly busy time! Make sure you slow down and take time to appreciate the little things.  :)

Column 1, top to bottom:
Ceridwen Hazelchild of Mystic Moose Crafts
Three Bumble Bee Garden Hives Illustration Eco Cotton Tote Bag
Stroud, England, UK

Christine Moser
Bee Card - Linocut on 50/50 Sugar Cane & PCW Recycled Paper
Atascadero, CA

Maia Waye of MaiaArt
Bee Good / 8"x8"
Sequim, WA

Column 2, top to bottom:
Robin McBride Scott Scott and Blevins of Willows Keep Pottery
Green Tea Honeypot with Bees
New Castle, IN

Kelly Ann of The Poppy Tree
Bee Girl Print---Bumblina Bee
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Melinda Byrd of Byrdcall
Honeybee Hand-printed Notecard
Woodbine, MD

Column 3, top to bottom:
 Michelle Hinson/turtleshell03
Steampunk Inspired Journal with Bee
Tempe, AZ

Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfume
Honey Bee Original Art Print
Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Yoshiko Radecki/lyoshikor of Yosh Design
"Beverly the Bee" Artist's Book
Chicago, IL

Denise Shipley/DeniseAnnette
Hunee.....Lampwork Bee Bead with Flower
Whidbey Island, WA

Column 4, top to bottom:
Tricia Scott of The Oddest Owl
They Called Her Honey Bee Bookplates
Roanoke, VA

RQP Studio
Bee Necklace with Latin Motto "Vive Ut Vivas" ("Live Life To The Fullest")
Myrtle Beach, SC

Renee of PaintedByRenee
Whimsical Queen Bee Notecards and Envelopes
Southern California

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

All Dolled Up

Who: Brenna Busse
What: Mixed Media Figures and Collages
Where: Minneapolis, MN
Why: Brenna's fine art dolls and collages are constructed using plenty of found and recycled materials and a boatload of imagination and heart. Her thoughtful series speak of spirituality and healing and transformation. To me they are optimistic and soulful and provocative in a gentle way. She's a flying-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of artist, spontaneously spurred by what she finds, living in and translating the moment and materials into charming and charmful art pieces. They make me think outside the box and I love any artist that challenges my perspective and inspires me to look at the familiar from a new angle. Pure creativity, all dolled up!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Casting a Fine Balance

Who: Corey Egan
What: Handcrafted Designer Jewelry
Where: San Francisco, CA
Why: Corey's work is a pleasing blend of soft textures and hard edges, raw gem crystals and refined metals, spontaneous imperfections and carefully crafted details. She's a wiz at combining them in timely designs that are provocative and edgy, equally at home around the neck of a graffiti artist or on the hand of an art collector. Especially enchanting are her rose-cut gem rings in sterling silver...the tight edges of the colorful Sapphires and Diamonds paired with the gentle texture of the metal makes me all dreamy-eyed and satisfied with appreciation for this talented jeweler!