Tuesday, March 27, 2012


taking a blogging break to breathe for awhile...

My Dad passed away this morning, after an extraordinary life and noble battle to enjoy every last moment of it. He was a most courageous and compassionate healer, inspiring painter, gifted jazz vocalist and screamingly magnificent master of the kitchen. He will always be my sunshine.
Blessings be to you Dad.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Hues!

Who: Nathan Macomber
What: Glass Blowing and Metal Working Studio
Where: Conway, NH
Web: http://www.macomberglass.com/
Why: Soul-warming radiance of color!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now Where Did I Put The Royal Sceptre?

Who: Lisa Svedberg and Thomas Whiting of Athenae
What: Handcrafted Sculptural Precious Jewelry
Where: Camden, ME
Web: http://athenae.fineartstudioonline.com/
Why: Someday when I am crowned Fair and Wise and Most Benevolent Ruler of the World, I wouldn't mind wearing a few of these exquisitely crafted precious treasures for the celebratory gig. ;)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Showers of Color

Who: Anna Clark
What: Handmade Enamel and Silver Jewellery
Where: Rossland, British Columbia, Canada
Web: http://www.annaclarkstudio.com/
Why: Did you ever see colors and feel that they somehow quenched your thirst? Maybe because it's a cool rainy Spring day here, but when I saw Anna's brilliant enamels, I felt exactly that...my color thirst was happily saturated and satisfied. Beautiful patterns reminiscent of Japanese kimonos and William Morris wallpaper. Serene and elegant, yet vibrantly refreshing. :)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

From Time to Time

Who: Nancy Troske
What: Handcrafted Contemporary Jewelry
Where: Princeton, NJ
Web: http://www.nancytroske.com/index.html
Why: Nancy takes time-honored techniques of enameling, chain-making and granulation (those squintingly tiny gold balls perfectly lined up into squintingly tiny patterns) and pulls them forward into contemporary designs with a strong emphasis on bold juicy gems. Her enamels feature unique textures under layers of transparent color, giving each piece a gentle floating feel. Lush and lovely collections, classics at any time!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Up From the Ashes

Who: Sarah Dudgeon of The Potter's House
What: Handmade Pottery
Where: Amery, WI
Web: http://www.dudgeonpottery.com/index.html
Why: Wood-fired pottery...an intense, exciting, spontaneous process that yields gorgeous, organic, sensuous stoneware. I love Sarah's take on it...classic and understated, and sweetly charming!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Silks and Stones

Who: Cathya Savage-Haas of Savage Spirit
What: Hand-painted Silks
Where: Moab, UT
Web: http://stoneagesavage.webs.com/
Why: Cathya's radiantly hued handmade treasures start at the drawing board, where she designs each concept and pattern, then goes on to sew each silk garment herself. She dyes each piece using the Japanese Shibori techniques of folding, twisting, binding and knotting, then painting on the dye...think formal tie dyeing. Can you imagine living in those glorious colors and shimmery softness all day? ohgoodgolly yes!

Who: James Haas of Stoneage Jewelry
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Moab, UT
Web: http://stoneagesavage.webs.com/
Why: Stonecutter and silversmith James delights in working with uncommon finds such as Ammonite, Dino Bone and Sugilite, and specializes in bright colorful gem intarsia, the art of precision-cut gem mosaics. Check out those crisp corners and tight symmetry! So many patient hours of cutting, fitting and polishing...I bow in reverence to his painterly gift for Zen monk-itude!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Sky Adventures

Who: Margaret Regan
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Helena, MT
Web: http://www.mregan.com/
Why: Beautifully crafted in polymer clay and inspired by the vibrant landscape of Big Sky Country. Margaret revels in polymer clay's possibilities and enjoys exploring textures, patterns and forms with a freedom you just can't get in metal. I love her adventuresome spirit and "work hard, play always" attitude!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Simple Steps

Who: Rajshel Juhan of Jane Hancock Papers
What: Printing and Graphic Design
Where: Alpharetta, GA
Web: http://www.janehancockpapers.com/
Why: I'm just flat-out charmed by those supercute creatures (especially that elephant!), and impressed by Rajshel's true talent and devotion to stylish, high-quality letterpress, gocco and conventional printing. She's happy and successful, guided by three simple steps: design + print + love!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Magic

Who: Lenita Petrilla of Mercury Orchid
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Sligo, Ireland
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MercuryOrchid
Why: Truly cool stones like misty mossy Prehnite, dazzly Druzy Agate and stormy Labradorite drew my attention right off! These are truly mammoth pieces...rings that cover half your finger and bracelets that gird your wrist in heavy metal links. With titles like "The Soul Shield" and "The Magic Portal", these are power jewels at their best!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Directing the Show

Who: Deana Albers
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Bozeman, MT
Web: http://www.deanaalbers.com/
Why: Deana toughed it out as a Props person in rough and tumble Hollywood before choosing a change of scenery in panoramic Montana mountain territory. She is enthusiastic about using chunky cuts of far out gems in solid sterling designs...minty Chrysoprase, glittering Drusy Quartz, shimmering Spectrolite and a palette-ful of Sapphires are just some of the stars in her premiere pieces. I think she's naturally suited to this new gig in the Director's seat...can't wait to see what's next on set!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Art of the Game

Who: William Peebles
What: Handcrafted Fine Base Ball Goods
Where: Norwell, MA
Web: http://www.huntingtonbaseballco.com/Home/Home.html
Why: William is a contemporary industrial designer whose heart is rooted in the long bygone era of turn-of-the-19th-century base ball. He's a walking encyclopedia of exhaustive research on the sport from 1850 to 1920, and he meticulously crafts each ball, bat and glove himself, one at a time, based on careful study of original game artifacts. Collectors and true fans appreciate his authenticity and vintage aficionados thrill at his designs. Base ball never had a better advocate.
And yes, it's base ball, two words, just like they spelled it way back when.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Remarkable Woman

Who: Jacqueline Gala
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Taos, NM
Web: http://www.jacquelinegala.com/index.html
Why: Jacqueline Gala is a featured artist in the The Remarkable Women of Taos, "a year-long celebration honoring outstanding historic and contemporary women of Taos." A resident of the Taos pueblo, Jacqueline learned silversmithing after great success with photography and painting. She follows in the footsteps of legendary jewelers such as Ray Tracey and G. Phil Poirier, but has developed her own style, blending tribal traditions with international influences and beautiful, unusual gems such as Charoite, Dinosaur Bone and Kingman Turquoise. Elegant cultural fusion by a woman of accomplishment...brava!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Happy Campers

Who: Kristiana Spaulding of Studio Kristiana
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Lotus, CA
Web: http://www.silvertrailer.com/
Why: Kristiana is marvelously talented! Her sweet sterling designs reflect her connection to the harmony of life, and give a hint to her most potent passion...Airstreams! Can you tell? If you visit her site, you'll understand why. ;)

Who: Jumahl Bubba of Strictly for the Birds
What: Handcrafted Birdhouses
Where: Upper Marlboro, MD
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jumahl
Why: Jumahl has built everything from houses and furnishings to boats and banjos. Now he's turned his superskilled talents to fancy campers for our avian amigos...because sometimes even birds wanna hitch a ride!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Has Finally Arrived!

Who: Reiko Miyagi of Studio Tabula Rasa
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Benicia, CA
Web: http://www.studiotabularasa.com/Studio_Tabula_Rasa/Welcome.html
Why: Lime, White and Turquoise. Like melting snows giving way to early March blooms...yay! I've had this color combo on the brain for the last week so I had to post on Reiko's jewels today. Witty and childlike designs carefully crafted in enamel and sterling sport a surprise of color as delightful as glinting beach glass on a Springtime shore. Reiko also creates eye-catching stoneware and encaustic collage. All of it is refreshingly original and a fine sight for my ready-to-shed-winter eyes!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Beauty of Simplicity

Who: Martha Sullivan
What: Fine Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: South Portland, ME
Web: http://www.marthasullivan.com/index.php
Why: Swimmingly simple shapes in sterling silver and 18K gold, original stamped and applied patterns and color-popping gems make Martha's pieces easy to love and a pleasure to wear!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Talismans of Forgotten Tales

Who: Patricia McCleery
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Torch Lake, MI and Santa Fe, NM
Web: http://www.patriciamccleery.com/index.htm
Why: Patricia's jewelry echoes the breathstopping beauty of the Southwest...vivid colors set amidst roughly textured surfaces, designs influenced by the intriguing history of the ancient cliff dwellers. Just as hieroglyphs and cave paintings artfully animate eras gone past, her pieces vibrantly revive stories of that legendary place, allowing you to share them too!


Yella Dog Dandy

Who: Kate Anderson Askew of The Yella Dog Press
What: Letterpress Posters
Where: Little Rock, AR
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/theyelladogpress
Why: Kate's sensitive and stirring sentiments are set by hand on a Vandercook press in limited edition letterpress runs. Perfect verses with tantalizing typefaces...ya got me Yella Dog!


Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Pirate's Paradise

Who: Valerie Fairchild
What: Contemporary Art Jewelry
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Web: http://www.fairchildjewelers.com/index.php
Why: In my humble opinion visiting Santa Fe without stopping at Fairchild & Co. Gallery is like vacationing in Tahiti without hitting the beach...I just couldn't do it! Valerie and her staff create the most lusciously indulgent gold jewels with some of my favorite collector-worthy gems...Paraiba Tourmaline, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone, carved Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and Aquamarine, Lightning Ridge Opal...it's a gem-lover's paradise!
Designs range from fit-for-royalty Ancient Egyptian to techno-cool bi-metal Bamboo so everyone can find a favorite. Or a few favorites. Or a treasure chest full of brilliant pirate-worthy booty as the case may be. ;)


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What Sees the Owl

Who: Joy Elizabeth Ceramics
What: Whimsical Ceramic Tableware and Wall Cameos
Where: Umatilla, FL
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/joyelizabethceramics
Why: Like a ray of sunshine flooding through my window, Joy's work just lit me up with cheer when I saw it! Sea blue teals, tangy oranges and greens and lush reds color her queendom of rabbits, owls, soaring kites and rippling flags. I love her Nesting Birds Salt and Pepper Shakers and her personalized Owl family plates...perfect for housewarming or wedding gifts. She is posting new items even as I write, including a merrily buoyant Happy Sailboat Plate...go see it launch before it sails away!


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Mischievous Little Critters!

Who: GiedrÄ— Karramba
What: Handmade Jewelry
Where: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/karramba
Why: GiedrÄ—'s lively little wildlife buzz and chirp and whinny and wiggle in the most mischievous way!

Who: Sarah Meredith of Rock Cakes
What: Handmade Original Playful Precious Jewellery
Where: Brighton, England, UK
Web: http://www.rockcakes.com/
Why: Sarah is spirited and skilled and wickedly charming and her collection of critters simply thrills me to bits!


Monday, March 05, 2012

Livin' the Colorful Country Life

Who: Marc Deloach and Christine Schultz of Taylor Arts
What: Handmade Wood Furniture, Wood Fish, Folk Art, Photography & Jewelry
Where: Taylor, MS
Web: http://www.taylorarts.com/
Why: ohyeah, this is exactly what I'm craving on this very grey-soaked day...homegrown hues from the warm heart of the South! Marc and Christine create everything from fish to furnishings using reclaimed Mississippi Delta wood, rainbows of paint and a collaborative, small-town spirit. Their pervasive playfulness and easy down-to-earth-itude infuse everything they do, earning them high-profile praise and a steady stream of appreciative collectors.
...and one very color-happy camper. :)

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spring cleaning yet?

Organizing your precious jewels is the perfect place to start! A beautiful new jewelry box handcrafted of reclaimed wood just might make it easier...

1.White Oak Box With Burl Top
Robert Duchardt of Whisper Wood Designs

2.Handcrafted Reclaimed and Vintage Woods Box Wenge and Bloodwood
Tim Mason of Tim's Green Thumb, Durango, CO

3.Large Box Made of Reclaimed Woods, Striped Top, Cheyenne Trail Sides, Signed & Numbered 113
Keith and Carla Thorn of Redbud, Kernville, CA

4.Mahogany Jewelry or Keepsake Bandsaw Box
Ginny Lippincott of Silverfox Wood Studio, Tallahassee, FL

5.Reclaimed Scrapwood Treasure Chest
Kristopher Justice of Artisan Woodcraft, Columbus, OH

6.Jewelry Box - Handmade - Walnut, Cherry & Maple - Hard Wood
Cassandra, Michael and Kristine Beaulieu of The Lotus Shop, Portland, OR

7.Exotic Hardwood Jewelry / Miscellaneous Box
Dennis D of The Green Garage, San Diego, CA

8.Reclaimed Wood Keepsake Box
Mr H of My Old Fence, Los Angeles, CA

9.Carved Lid Box, Salvaged Huon Pine, Tiger Myrtle
Jason Chard of Beautiful Wooden Boxes, Wynyard, Tasmania

10.Small Reclaimed Wood Ring Box
David Barnes of Foundwood Designs, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

11.Hardwood Keepsake Box Bark Edge Lid
David Ulschmid of Wisp Woods, Arlington, SD

12.Reclaimed Wood Box - Eddie
Mike Pendleton of MP Custom Made, Chicago, IL

Which one is your favorite?


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Making a Statement

Who: Annette Morrin
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Lambertville, MI
Web: http://www.annettemorrin.com/
Why: Annette's sophisticated pieces combine 18K and 14K gold with rare and exciting statement stones...dazzling green Uvarovite Drusy Garnet, exotic bi-color Watermelon Tourmaline, flashing Boulder Opal and other wildly mesmerizing gems. These are the jewels you'll want to wear to get all eyes on you!


Friday, March 02, 2012

A Natural Talent

Who: Chris Mueller
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Kalamazoo, MI
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChrisMuellerJewelry
Why: Spectral Boulder Opals, azure blue Lapis Lazuli, deer and doe tracks, stars, moons, the eternity of the Ouroboros. Glowing gems set in crisp, clean designs adorned with delightful and timeless images. Well-priced and well-made by a natural talent!


Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Grandmother's Garden

Who: Yasuko Azuma
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: New York, NY
Web: http://yasukoazuma.com/index.php/main/
Why: Yasuko spent much of her childhood in her grandmother's garden in Japan, so she is gently influenced by the environment she remembers...abundant cherry blossoms, the sparkling sun glinting off of newly fallen snows, stream-polished pebbles. Those nature-bound aesthetics show up in her jewelry as beautifully simple, rustic designs, muted hues and her own signature hand-hammered "diamond dust" texturing. She is transitioning over to using 100% recycled gold and silver, and she donates 10% of the gross proceeds from her Love & Peace and Language of Flowers collections to Unicef. All good reasons to love her work!