Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two On Tuesdays...Raining Cats & Dogs

Yep, today the weather is beastly so it seems appropriate to highlight cats and dogs as interpreted by two super fun jewelry studios.

First up is Chickenscratch, otherwise known as Lisa and Scott Cylinder. Their mixed metal and media pieces often have a whimsical playful theme, sometimes a more meaningful message, but always they are cleverly expressive.
"We are inspired by the place where we live and work, one of natural beauty. Our work conveys allegories about this environment through the creatures who are its players. These are stories about their habits and habitats, as well as our own, coexisting both in the natural and man-made world."

Mark Poulin's jewels feature festive and colorful animals, aliens, flowers and families, framed by sterling and protected with vitreous enamels.
"Mark Poulin loves to draw and create cartoon characters. He combines his passion for metal work and eye for color into playful jewelry which has won him a loyal following across the country."


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two On Tuesdays...The Snowbird Edition

After two days of newly falling snow and far too many days of grey landscapes and skies, I am craving color! And lo and behold I've found a feast for the eyes with today's Two on Tuesdays jewelry artists.

Tami Rodrig of Happy Art Studio uses sterling silver, paint, found objects and resin to create her fun and whimsical jewelry designs.
"Creating is a very essential part of my life. I spend many hours of the day making things and thinking about making things. I love colors and various materials and am always on the look out for interesting combinations. I studied art and silversmith and my current artwork consists of a combination of silversmithing and painting and found objects. I love to be in my studio and play..."

Michele A. Friedman
's brilliant felted wool pieces feature oxidized sterling, 18k Bi-Metal and gold plated screws.
"Since developing my first metal line of jewelry in 1994, I have wanted to incorporate color into my work. The challenge was developing a line of color in an alternative material...After much trial and error, felted wool became the solution to my color dilemma. It had the rich, saturated color I was looking for as well as a great texture. As I played with the material, I began to realize how much I loved the richness of the felt set against the oxidized sterling."


Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Life

Astonishing and bold, Nick Brandt's wildlife photography also conveys an unforgettable emotional quality. Regal and serene portraits of elephants, lions, cheetahs and giraffes dominate his black and white portfolio, providing a stirring, cinematic glimpse into their wild lives on the African savanna. Nick is not just devoted to his art however...he has established the Big Life Foundation, a non-profit organization working to eliminate poaching in the Amboseli ecosystem.

The Iris Gallery of Fine Art Photography is hosting an exhibition of Nick Brandt's work, as well as an auction to benefit the Big Life Foundation.
• Exhibit at Boston Gallery, April 23 - May 29. Opening Reception April 28, 6pm
• Auction to Benefit Nick Brandt's - Big Life Foundation - Wednesday, April 27, 6pm
(there will be a $30 donation collected while attending this event)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two On Tuesdays

Today's Double Feature is all about the wrist, perhaps the most expressive joint on the human body. Its graceful curves deserve multi-spangled bangled jewels such as these beauties by Christine Mackellar and Lucinda Moran.
Christine's bi-metal bracelets feature fused sterling silver, sometimes dramatically oxidized to a deep black, with high karat gold and flickering gems. Lucinda uses multiple metals and totemic forms in her "Protect This Woman" series of cuffs. Both metalsmiths show undeniable talent in designing for the wrist...just the right amount of metal and color to show off its sinewy sensual strength. Vulnerable, yet powerful, as the wrist should be.

Christine Mackellar ~ Eclipse Bracelet Set
22K, 18K & 14K gold, sterling silver, Rhodolite Garnet, Peridot
Lucinda Moran ~ Protect This Woman Cuff Bracelets
18K & 14K gold, sterling silver, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Garnet, Peridot