Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Belanich Blitz

Adam Belanich ~ "Orpheus"
As much as I enjoy some mainstream artwork, I strongly encourage everyone to support new and "undiscovered" artists, those on the fringe that aren't soaking in spotlit glory, but are curious and passionate about exploring their art. Regardless of their commercial success or struggle, artistic underdogs are honorable for their courage and creativity in picking up the pen, paintbrush, spray can or blowtorch and endeavoring to express their inner selves.

Adam Belanich seems to have no fear in this regard. He not only generates the work, but he generously and ingeniously shares it. Adam drew attention at Dartmouth last year for his weekly Blitzes of Art, sending out samples of his work via email in an effort to free art from gallery walls and share it with the people. His film "Deus Ex Plume" won for Best Animation at the annual Brandeis SunDeis Film Festival. Adam is currently working on his MFA in digital printmaking and he shares more work online.

Dartmouth College--Dept. of Studio Art

"Deus Ex Plume"


Saturday, April 04, 2009

From the Artist's Garden

Stephanie Grebel Sato
Lawrence, KS
Winner of a 2008 Windgate Fellowship Award, textile artist Stephanie Grebel Sato is focusing her studio on eco-friendly elements and using natural dyes cultivated from her own garden.
“I have wanted to create a nature-conscious art studio for a few years. Art and nature have been dear to me since my childhood. My art practice is aimed at cultivating conscious interactions with nature, which are lacking in humans’ modern-day lives, and acknowledging our dependence and interconnectedness with nature.”
Stephanie uses traditional weaving and dyeing techniques such as itajime Shibori which combines a series of folds to create complex colors and patterns. Each textile is a spontaneous showcase of her sensitive skills and gentle commitment to earth and art working in harmony. >>continue>>


Friday, April 03, 2009

Follow the Line

Niina Kuosmanen
Cambridge, England
Simple cubes whispering in white.
Solid porcelain blocks by Niina Kuosmanen.
Sometimes, the less said, the better.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Buds and Seeds and Trinkety Things

Christina Hurst
Dundee, Scotland
Sprouting and swinging in glowing silver, Christina's sweet little pods and buds are truly charming. Her jewelry designs range from earrings to cufflinks and all feature nature-inspired shapes and textures. She is talented with traditional metals as well as with precious metal clay, using a delicate touch to recreate the tiniest details. Spring is abloom! >>continue>>


Boreal Beauties

Joan Tenenbaum
Gig Harbor, WA
Joan Tenenbaum has absorbed many influences from the colorful coastal cultures that she has studied as an anthropologist and as an artist. Her award-winning jewelry designs clearly reflect the time she spent living in several Alaskan indigenous villages. Now working and teaching on the Olympic Peninsula, she continues to speak the stories of these ancient cultures through her work, using intricate patterns and textures and beautiful gently carved gems. >>continue>>