Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Belanich Blitz

Adam Belanich ~ "Orpheus"
As much as I enjoy some mainstream artwork, I strongly encourage everyone to support new and "undiscovered" artists, those on the fringe that aren't soaking in spotlit glory, but are curious and passionate about exploring their art. Regardless of their commercial success or struggle, artistic underdogs are honorable for their courage and creativity in picking up the pen, paintbrush, spray can or blowtorch and endeavoring to express their inner selves.

Adam Belanich seems to have no fear in this regard. He not only generates the work, but he generously and ingeniously shares it. Adam drew attention at Dartmouth last year for his weekly Blitzes of Art, sending out samples of his work via email in an effort to free art from gallery walls and share it with the people. His film "Deus Ex Plume" won for Best Animation at the annual Brandeis SunDeis Film Festival. Adam is currently working on his MFA in digital printmaking and he shares more work online.

Dartmouth College--Dept. of Studio Art

"Deus Ex Plume"



Blogger mangocheeks said...

Thank you for voting for my dish on NCR.

I also wanted to say that I am very much into street art and have appreciated this link. I live not far from Glasgow and recently discovered murals of artwork (now on my blog), nothing like Dartmouth and Bristol, but still interesting in its own way.

Happy New Year to you.

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