Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two On Tuesdays

Today's Double Feature is all about the wrist, perhaps the most expressive joint on the human body. Its graceful curves deserve multi-spangled bangled jewels such as these beauties by Christine Mackellar and Lucinda Moran.
Christine's bi-metal bracelets feature fused sterling silver, sometimes dramatically oxidized to a deep black, with high karat gold and flickering gems. Lucinda uses multiple metals and totemic forms in her "Protect This Woman" series of cuffs. Both metalsmiths show undeniable talent in designing for the wrist...just the right amount of metal and color to show off its sinewy sensual strength. Vulnerable, yet powerful, as the wrist should be.

Christine Mackellar ~ Eclipse Bracelet Set
22K, 18K & 14K gold, sterling silver, Rhodolite Garnet, Peridot
Lucinda Moran ~ Protect This Woman Cuff Bracelets
18K & 14K gold, sterling silver, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Garnet, Peridot



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