Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Legend in Luxury

Who: Sydney Lynch
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Lincoln, NE
Why: A legend in the realm of Fine Art Jewelry, Sydney is highly regarded for her rich mixes of colors, cuts and textures and talismanic motifs. Sydney's One-of-a-Kind pieces feature unorthodox combos of unusually cut gems...Aquamarine, Peridot and Tourmaline...Red Garnet and Spinel...chunks and crystals and rose cuts galore! Her Designer Line is a bit more subdued, perfect for everyday wear but still fetchingly eye-catching. All of her work is infused with her enthusiasm for life and her so-very-optimistic outlook.
Be sure to visit her blog too, for behind-the-scenes peeks into her sun-filled studio, her husband Craig Roper's paintings and photographs, her superyumful kitchen creations and other fascinating facets of her artful life!



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