Friday, December 09, 2011

Bowl Me Over

Question: What was your favorite Saturday morning activity when you were a kid?
Answer: Munching on giant bowls of cereal while watching cartoons.
Big. Giant. Bowls.

Nothing was more fun on a Saturday than waking and sleepily wandering down to the TV room to claim first dibs on which cartoons to watch, then pouring bowls of sugar, er...cereal for breakfast. Froot Loops or Apple Jacks for me, Cap'n Crunch or Count Chocula for my brother. By the time the usual run of cartoons was over, the sugar kicked in and we scampered off to the backyard or the basement to plot our next treasure hunt or play Hot Wheels or climb trees. I pretty much do the same thing now, changed up just a bit. Still love watching toons. The cereal is granola and the milk is usually almond or soy. Love treasure hunts and Hot Wheels, but the tree-climbing thing...not gonna happen. ;)
On my gift list this year...a Vegan cereal bowl!

Who: Jeanette Zeis of Vegan Dish, Vessels and Wares and Quiet Animals
What: Handmade Pottery
Where: Atlanta, GA
Web: (currently on hiatus, but check out her sold items)
Why: Jeanette's charming glazed stoneware would brighten up any morning! Vegan Dish is dedicated to Vegan-inscribed bowls and mugs in a lovely soft peasant-life style. Vessels and Wares features functional pottery such as travel mugs, berry bowls, cupcake stands and spoons with whimsical patterns and vintage hues. Quiet Animals is all about quirky critters on wooden tiles and ceramic doodads.

Question: What was your favorite Saturday morning routine? Sleeping in? Tooning on TV? Dive bombing your brother in bed?

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