Monday, January 02, 2012

Ancient Treasures by Modern Masters

Who: The Golden Eye
What: Handcrafted and Custom-designed Jewelry
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Why: I discovered The Golden Eye on a trip to Santa Fe in was like unearthing a long-lost chest of jewels, the kind you seek with a secret treasure map. Their lushly hued, often one-of-a-kind gems tantalized the color-loving gemologist in me, and their high-karat designs reminded me of the priceless amulets and ornaments I had marveled at in museums or in National Geographic. In other words I was hooked. I still am. Their in-house designers and jewelers, as well as their exhibiting artists, continue to create treasurable jewels, from the simple Silver Siren Anchor pendant to the extravagant Azalea ring. The pieces I have always draw attention and admiration, and I cherish them with reverence, gratitude and pure joy.



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