Friday, December 30, 2011

True To Her Word

Who: Jeanine Taylor of Snooty Jewelry
What: 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-filled Jewelry
Where: Marlborough, MA
Why: When it comes to designing animal-friendly jewels, Jeanine stays true to her word. A steadfast vegan, she chooses not to use pearls, shell, bone, silk or leather in any of her pieces. Not only that, she's eco-friendly too, using environmentally responsible packaging and processes in all aspects of her business. A majority of her collection is devoted to animal and peaceable themes, but you can choose from more traditional styles as well, such as simple sterling rings, earrings and more. Proceeds from some pieces, like the greyhound pin, go directly to specific charities, and a portion of all proceeds are donated as well. Jeanine's jewels are eye-catching, affordable and easily wearable, and they are a fun, subtle way to get the cruelty-free message across without batting someone over the head with vegan-tagonism. And they're way easier to put on than a vegan tattoo. ;)

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