Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let It Rain

Who: Cara Long of Sweet Mud Clay Works
What: Handmade Porcelain Jewelry and Functional Ceramics
Where: Philadelphia, PA
Web: http://www.sweetmudclayworks.com/
Why: Because I've had this thing for sweet little umbrellas in the past few days. :)
I love the light-hearted whimsy of Cara's designs...jaunty parasols, bicycles at the ready, and a floaty heart or two. They remind me of my favorite umbrella as a kid (it was see-through so I could look up at the rain as it fell...so cool!) and my trusty green bike that survived the wipeouts even when my knees didn't.
Be sure to check out both shops, as the inventory is a bit different at each, or to see the pieces in person, visit her website for links to the galleries and museums that carry her work.

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