Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two on Tuesdays...Sweet and Green

Who: Katey Corrigan of Confection Letterpress
What: Letterpress Design and Printing
Where: Amesbury, MA
Web: http://www.confectionpress.com/
Why: It's easy to love Katey's elegant nature-centered letterpress cards, calendars, coasters, invites and broadsides on recycled and tree-free papers. Designs that are soulful and quietly reverential...most of the time.

Who: Lisa Pratt and Lars Jorgensen of Green House Framing
What: Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames, Mirrors, Jewelry and Decor
Where: Portland, OR
Web: http://www.recycledframes.com/
Why: Every beautiful print deserves a richly-hued hand-hewn forest-preserving frame. And maybe a shelf to keep it on. And a trinket or two beside it.

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