Thursday, December 29, 2011

With Her Own Fair Hands

Who: Dana Gabrielle Russo of Style and Ink
What: Handcrafted Knit and Felted Accessories, Prints and Illustrations
Where: Albany, NY
Why: Dana is a bundle of creative energy with non-stop hands that beg to be she started crocheting and voila! A luxurious collection of softly textured cowls and hoods in a range of timeless earthen hues, all made from animal- and Earth-friendly fabrics. Dana's graceful, lacy designs seem lighter than air, and her chunky and super chunky styles wrap you in soul-filling warmth. I want them looped and snugged around my neck, arms, legs and my chilly little head!
Dana also is an amazing illustrator and creator of fun felted playful things, as well as a poet, writer, photographer and spirited doodler. Here's hoping that her talented hands never stop!

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