Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Hands-on Experience

Who: Ursula Jaroszewicz of Pepper Press
What: Letterpress Design Studio
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Why: I feel a kinship with this girl. Her art is as much about the heady stuff of design and composition as it is about getting her hands on the machines and literally getting a feel for the letterpress process. From using, adjusting and tinkering with the machines to enjoying the velvety feel of the impressions into the paper, she is immersed in the tangibility of her work. Clever, eye-catching, eco-inspired designs coupled with the pleasure of finely crafted paper-work spins me in delight! She makes me want to give up the torch and take up the letterpress...well, almost.

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Anonymous Ursula said...

Hi there, i just found this! great blog (just literally discovered it a few minutes ago!)

thanks for putting this up and the lovely write up about me & my work... letterpress IS so addictive,so you never know :)


4:56 PM  

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