Sunday, February 12, 2012

Precious Portals of Other Sorts

"The stray passer-by may trespass on the streets of the underwood village: he may see the fairy door-stone, and mark the footpath of the indwellers ; but it is only to the rare intimate that they reveal themselves in their shadowy fastnesses."
(Source: "Canada" by Wilfred Campbell, 1907)

Tiny Fairy Doors are popping up everywhere! After discovering the first Precious Portals, I stumbled and tumbled into so many other Fairy Doors and Hobbit Doors, Gnome Doors and Magic Doors, created by witty and talented makers guided by their mystical muses. Carved out of wood, clay, metal and resin, in every shape and form to fit fairies of all sorts...and perhaps those fortunate enough to be given passage through them!
Do you know the secret password? ;)

1. Fairy Door
Dave of Gelert Design
Bristol, UK

2. Paddy's Pub
George of Celtic Realm
Napanee, Ontario, Canada

3. Warm Heart Fairy Door
Kimberly Mertz of Flying Frog Creations
Ann Arbor, MI

4. Brown Hobbit/ Fairy Door
Bette and Robb Durr of HiddenWorlds
Cleveland, OH

5. Fairy Door in aqua, with architectural detail and flying heart embellishment
Bev Peterson of Rock In A Heart Place
Boise, ID

6. Garden Fairy Door Curlyque
Jul McFillin of Enchanted Pumpkin Art
Darlington, MD

7. Fairy Gnome Door
Sandy Robertson of Enchanted MushroomLand
Abingdon, VA

8.Seahorse Fairy Door
Kim Detmers of Clayworks by Kim Detmers
Alamogordo, New M

9. Faerie doors
Kerry Roberts of Nothin' But Wood
Conception Bay South, Canada

10. Miniature Garden, Fairy Door

11. Lilac Cottage Mini Fairy Door
Chelsea and Megan of ballet llama
Anderson, SC

12. The Drinking Song
Annie Wild of The Merry Muse
Taos, NM

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Blogger Cindy D. said...

Fairy doors! So cute! I was drawing them for a while then got sidetracked. Hey, do you tell the people in your treasuries about your site? Maybe you could. I still feel like it's a nice site and people should visit. I put a note in one of my posts but it did not bear the fruit I hoped! Do you have a site for your own art?

6:31 PM  
Blogger moonsword said...

Hi Cindy,
I love your fairy doors! At least I think that's what they are, on Pie Anxiety and Woodland Critters. They are among my favorites of your work so far. :)
Thank you for mentioning my blog! I think if I got Twitter (ugh) or a Facebook page (double ugh) I'd increase traffic, but I haven't gotten around the ugh-factor yet and I never seem to have the time. How do you do it?
Another one of my favorite artists, Geninne at is fabulously talented and prolific like you and I can't figure out how she does it all and the social media stuff too.
I don't have my jewelry work up yet. The custom pieces all need to be transferred from slides and the beaded pieces need to be properly photographed. And illustrations too...ohgoodgolly just so much to do and so little time and okayokay I'm really just a procrastinator when it comes to those details. I simply like making the stuff. ;)

12:07 AM  

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