Friday, February 03, 2012

Kiss and Yell

Who: Lee and Karl Franklin of Inkabilly
What: Rocker, Roller Derby and Retro-inspired T-shirts and Accessories
Where: Bristol, UK
Why: They are rebels with heart, silkscreening up a storm using environmentally friendly water-based inks on ethically manufactured organic cotton. Not your average panda bears either, but just-shy-of-the-edge images that make stuffed shirts nervous and prim ladies frown.
Witty, gritty and stylishly sly, I'm guessing those Booty Shorts would sure kick things up on Valentine's Day! ;)



Anonymous Lee Franklin said...

Hey, I just found your post about us! Thanks so much for your kind words! We've changed a bit since this feature ... now less clothing and more retro homewares etc :) Lee x

3:12 AM  

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