Saturday, February 11, 2012

Precious Portals

"...There is a rock closing the visible cave which is said to be the fairy's door...and also the very identical key-hole which the king of the fairies unlocks..."
(Source: "Sketches in Ireland", 1827)

Admit it, at some point in your life, haven't you wished you could open a door that would lead you into a strange new wondrous world, a realm of enchantment where anything is possible?

Enter the Fairy Door, madly popular in the past few years, in all sorts of art forms from exquisitely elaborate wooden entranceways to tiny trinkets to groovy little gateways. Installed in a house, adorning a loved one or wedged into a tree nook, they are fantastical and fun and completely irresistible to the imaginative spirit in all of us!

Tiny door lockets are really nothing fact it's easy to find these simple sweet Fairy Door Lockets in plenty of places on etsy and elsewhere. It's what a designer does with one that makes it kind of special. Almost all of the above are mass produced, but each artist has added their own special touch, christening each with new life and a new story, entrusting it with a mission to carry your miniature message inside! One-of-a-kind number 7 is handmade of Precious Metal Clay, complete with its own lockpin. A Fairy's delight!

1. Fairy Door Locket Necklace
Angela Pastorelli of Circa AD
Chicago, IL

2. Fairydoor
Tanya Herig of Wiccan Style
N├╝rnberg, Germany

3. Brass Locket Necklace
Susan Scherer of birdzNbeez
Lathrup Village, MI

4. Fairy Wish Door Pendant
Church Mouse Studio

5. Enchanted Bronze Fairy Wish Door Locket
Duney Bug Designs
Los Angeles, CA

6. silver fairy wish door necklace
Sarah of The Prairie Fair
Bloomington IL

7. Silver Locket, PMC
Anise Severt of SeavBeach Designs
Raleigh, NC

8. Sparkling Heart Door Locket
Beloved U
Tucson, AZ

9. Silver Fairy Door Locket 1
Corby Lee of Corby Lee Design
Aliso Viejo, CA

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