Saturday, February 04, 2012

Find Your True Self

Who: Claudia Atkins
What: Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
Where: Drexel Hill, PA
Why: She gave it up, walked away, followed her inner muse. After several years as a successful psychotherapist, Claudia dropped it all and dove headfirst into exploring her creative urges. She experimented and learned, asked countless questions and sought sage advice. Slowly she has found her groove, hand-crafting a gorgeous line of 24K gold and fine silver Precious Metal Clay jewelry adorned with gemstones and featuring exotic patinas and techniques.
She trusts her instincts and thrives on creating the flow, in a groove, in touch with her true self. She's inspiring to anyone who has tinkered with a dream, teetering on the edge, listening to a whisper of an inner beckoning.
If you follow that whisper, where will it lead you?



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