Thursday, November 01, 2012

Playing with Fire

Who: Deirdre Featherstone of Featherstone Design
What: Platinum and 18K Gold Jewelry
Where: Tribeca, NYC, NY
Why: Two reasons...her clever designs, featuring seamlessly interchangeable elements, and her generous use of Opals, one of my favorite gemstones! Her Pendants, Pins and Earring Tops can be worn alone or with Bellies and/or Enhancers. Pins converted to pendants, pendants to pins, both to belt buckles...possibilities seem endless! 
Deirdre's spectacular gems are the best...beautifully cut stones of the finest quality. Her designs are lushly soaked in color, so meticulously and exquisitely crafted and elegantly balanced. Okay, I know I'm gushing, but Deirdre is a true talent, and I sincerely admire her creativity and commitment to designing stunningly timeless treasures!

Congratulations to Dierdre...2013 Spectrum Awards Competition Winner!
Best Use of Platinum and Color:
Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design
Platinum “Shangri-La” earrings featuring
Opals (15.86 tcw) and Tanzanite cabochon drops (48.54 tcw)
accented with Purple and Blue Sapphires (2.16 tcw),
Tourmalines (4.53 tcw), Tsavorite Garnets (0.29 tcw),
Diamonds (0.86 tcw) and Turquoise briolettes
I'm speechless at their magnificence.  :)



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