Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Alien Orbs Descend Upon the Bay!

Project CoolGlobes
Crissy Field Promenade--San Francisco, CA
August 5 to October 13, 2008
Captivating, creative and the ultimate in cool, this collection of artistic orbs arrives August 5th in San Francisco for a two-month-long exhibition to inform and inspire the public about global warming. Artists such as Kari Kaplan, Angelina Villanueva, Lee Strickland, Bryan Sperry, Luz Maria Castillo, Nicholas Kashian, Kim C. Massey, and the Blue Man Group have incorporated their messages about the plight of our planet into massive sculptures representing the earth. The messages are sometimes dramatic, often humorous, and they cleverly serve to remind us that change begins now, it begins everywhere and it begins with you!


Cathi Schwalbe-Bouzide and Paul Bouzide
"Tread Lightly for a Livable Earth"
Angelina Villanueva
"Green-e Energy"
Bryan Sperry
"Recycled Evolution"



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