Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whimsically Wandering Mr. Mustard & Doris Dog

Sam Toft
Brighton, UK

Irresistible limited editions, cherishable originals and a gaggle of goodies from the sweetly talented Sam Toft! Sam's Brown Dog Studio is tucked into the lovely and lively Brighton Hove area on the south coast of England. Twice a year she holds an Open Studio where you can see firsthand her delightful mixed media work. Using oil pastels, colored inks, sgraffito and her own "innovative fingers-and-thumbs" technique she brings to life the pleasant meanderings of Mr. Mustard, Doris the Dog, Rover Fish, Audrey the Sheep and the World Famous Stanley Philpot just to name a few. If you can't make it to the English seaside, visit Sam's beautiful and inspiring website to see the full range of her artwork, studio videos, endearing ecards and much more!
"I am lucky that the accident of my birth left me at the edge of things - ever watchful, observant and compelled to link scenes and memories into some kind of narrative. Stripes, textures, delicious whiffs, children's rhymes, eccentric characters, lovely hats, nostalgic tunes and beautiful dogs are all things that catch my attention and fuel my imagination. I am grateful to these favourite things that make my creativity possible, along with my eyes, my hands and especially my mum." >>continue>>



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