Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Red or Blue?

Red ~ Row 1
Who: Garrett Keisling of Keisling Glassw├╝rks
What: "Cherry Perfume Bottles" in Glass
Where: Nevada City, CA
Web: http://www.keislingglasswurks.com/Keisling_Glasswurks/Flameworked_Glass_Designs.html

Who: Gary Schott
What: "Strawberry Cheesecake - 310 Calories" Brooch
Where: San Antonio, TX
Web: http://www.garyschott.com/

Red ~ Row 2
Who: Joel Hunnicutt
What: "Open Segment Hollowform" Woodturned Vessel
Where: Siler City, NC
Web: http://www.joelhunnicutt.com/

Who: Donna Veverka
What: "Esther's Window" Garnet and Sterling Silver Pendant
Where: Boston, MA
Web: http://www.donnavjewelry.com/

Red ~ Row 3
Who: Tristyn Albright
What: "Some Like It Red Hot" Beaded Vessel
Where: York, PA
Web: http://www.tristynalbright.com/

Who: Amy Faust
What: "Lorelei Ring" in Sterling and Glass
Where: Oakland, CA
Web: http://www.amyfaust.com/

Blue ~ Row 1
Who: Tim Harding
What: "Sapphire Reflections" Fiber Wall Art
Where: Stillwater, MN
Web: http://www.timharding.com/th/index.html

Who: Daniel Slack of Cache La Pottery
What: Carved Spiral Bowl
Where: Livermore, CO
Web: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CacheLaPottery

Blue ~ Row 2
Who: Andrea Anderson
What: Handwoven Wrap
Where: Farmington Hills, MI
Web: http://www.aahandwovens.com/

Who: Jess Wainer
What: "Lapis Teardrop Vase" in Glass
Where: Oakland, CA
Web: http://www.jesswainer.com/

Blue ~ Row 3
Who: Catherine Iskiw
What: "Oblique Ring" in Platinum with Blue Sapphire and Diamonds
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Web: http://www.catherineiskiw.com/index.html

Who: Nina Mann
What: "Loved and Treasured" Lapis Necklace
Where: Traverse City, MI
Web: http://www.ninamann.com/

Red or Blue...what would you choose?  :)

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