Friday, February 10, 2012

Creature Colors

Who: Cindy Dauer of The Slumbering Herd
What: Original Pen and Ink Illustrations, Art Cards and Prints
Where: Evanston, IL
Why: I was wandering my way through the internet today, trying to ignore the whipping winds, cascading snow and plummeting-like-a-2-ton-rock temperatures outside, when I screeched to a virtual halt at Cindy's etsy page. Oh glorious salvation of my color-starved self! Vivid teal and turquoise, velvety purple, plush pink and tropical lime...swirling together in wry and whimsical illustrations of the cutest possible creatures! A steampunk llama, sleepy birds and a sheep with attitude are just a few of the fabulous inhabitants of The Slumbering Herd's realm. I'm so smitten and smiley now...thank you to Cindy and your band of merry friends!



Blogger Cindy D. said...

My goodness those are very kind words. It seemed like you were saying them very loudly, too. I am picturing an exuberant personality. Extremely kind of you, glad you like the beasts (and none of the naughty ones bit you), and I shall make a mention in my next post.

And now I will go take a look at what other sorts of things you've found in your travels.

p.s. I am also fond of ellipsis. Also overly fond of adverbs.

p.s.s. What nefarious things were you posting in 2010 that had to be erased for our personal safety?

10:54 PM  
Blogger moonsword said... 2010 I was kidnapped by a nefarious band of gypsy hippies and spirited away for a year of revelry and rebellion. ;)
Thanks for stopping by...cheers!

11:34 AM  

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