Sunday, December 25, 2011

Graciously Gifted and Giving

Who: Linh La
What: Clothing and accessories; Graphic design and marketing services
Where: Phoenix, AZ
Web: Love Peace Vegan clothing and accessories
Linh La Graphic design and marketing services
Why: Linh is an extraordinary talent, dedicated to using her gifts to better the world and spread compassion and joy. Her line of vegan clothing is smart and sassed up. Her goal is to spotlight causes that speak for the innocent, and her proceeds benefit several well-established charities including Ocean Conservancy, Humane Society, Nature Conservancy and Save the Children. Yay!
Linh's graphic design work runs the range from print and web design to interior design to photography. Do not miss her photography. It's tender, intimate, provocative, kinetic, bold and miraculous. All of it.
Linh's exceptional passion shines through every project she creates. She's truly a gifted and giving soul!

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Blogger veganlala said...

You spoke of me so generously! I feel like we know each other! I am so blessed and thankful so much for your kind words! Reading your words just give me such great motivation and love.
I hope you have a beautiful day today and every day.

Thank you for being Veg, going Green, 2 save the planet!

With Love, Linh

7:45 PM  

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