Saturday, July 29, 2006

Serenity in Glass

Sonja Blomdahl
Sonja's glass is expertly crafted--vivid, luminous, yet exquisitely serene. She specializes in architectural panels and vessels, and is known for her mastery of difficult techniques such as incalmo (joining two or more separate blown glass pieces while they are hot). Sonja's pieces can be found in several prestigious collections such as the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, and the Renwick Gallery-Smithsonian Institution.

In a sense, the vessel is a "history of my breath": It contains the volume within. If I have done things correctly, the profile of the piece is a continuous curve, the shape is full, and the opening confident.

Color is often the "joy" in making a piece. I want the colors to glow and react with each other. The clear band between the colors acts as an optic lens; it moves the color around and allows you to see into the piece.

For me there is still much to explore. The relationship between form, color, proportion, and process still intrigues me. >>continue>>



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