Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Power and Purity

Rebecca Myers Jewelry Design--Annapolis, MD
My studio has always been my chapel for creativity. A place where ideas are given expression. I try to capture the sublime beauty found in nature and art and express it with the work that I make. In some of my pieces I recreate natural forms and in others I try to instill a sense of awe with high karat color, texture and design.

I believe that artists are the scribes of mankind with tangible proof of our expression. The divine can be found in powerful art, architecture, craft, literature, music, and theatre.

In our "supersized" corporate society where individuality is often thwarted, the role of the artist/craftsman is even more profound. I feel privileged to be among this honorable tribe of makers. >>continue>>

Rebecca's award-winning work is a profoundly satisfying balance between excellent craftsmanship and imaginative design. She uses richly colorful gemstones such as Opal, Sapphire and Tourmaline, as well as Diamonds and Pearls, set in gold, silver and exotic metals. It is a joy to work with her because she is so talented and so excited about creative jewelry design. She is available through her showroom and at numerous national art festivals, including the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.



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