Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Many Hues of Harmony

I have the greatest respect for people who gather their courage and face their fears to create a vision for their lives, take risks and work like mad to achieve that vision, and in doing so, preserve and promote ethics that value people and the natural world. Harmony Susalla is one of those special people. She left a safe corporate job when she discovered her passion and innate talent for textile design, and has become dedicated not just to the success of her business, but to its sustainable place in the harmony of life. Her organic textile designs are imaginative and invigorating and just downright cool!

HarmonyArt Organic Design
harmony art (här’m?-ne- ärt)
> n. 1. the combination of art and sustainability.
2. where creativity and organic textiles evolve.
3. a harmonious arrangement of design and business inspired by nature.
> v. 1. to bring together pleasing elements, organic fiber and fair trade.
2. to help revolutionize the textile industry.
3. to merge past experience with environmental and social passions.
4. to support like-minded people and companies. >>continue>>



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