Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ethereal Enamels

Carly Wright transforms shapes and colors from the environment into beautiful champleve enamel jewelry pieces. Champleve entails creating recesses in a metal piece for enamel. Carly lines these recesses with a layer of gold or silver, then delicately applies a layer of enamel powder. After dozens of firings and careful finishing, the result is a jewelry piece of quiet beauty with softly glowing patterns of color. The earrings, pins and pendants are very wearable, not heavy and bulky like many modern enamels. Carly is a talented jewelry designer and craftsperson who also has a keen artist's eye and a true sensitivity to the world around her.

My jewelry is inspired by the natural world. I am fascinated by cliffs revealing layers of sedimentary rock. I believe that the images that I see on my daily walks, give me a vocabulary. I often stop to sketch , or pick up a stone or a piece of bark. These small objects sit on my drawing table for weeks, sometimes years. When I sit down to design new pieces I look to them for inspiration, and try to convey something of what I see in them to others. I am also drawn to architectural symbols such as windows or doors.

The subtlety of these pieces attracts viewers to further investigate each plane of silver, each line representing a crack found in rocks and cliffs, and the many layered blocks of brilliant enameled color. >>continue>>



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