Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Sterling, Steel and Stone

Who: Elaine Unzicker
What: Handcrafted Chainmail Wearable Art
Where: Ojai, CA
Web: http://www.unzickerdesign.com/
Why: Slippery, sleek and super sexy, cascades of chainmail drape the body, from slim swingy earrings to full-body armor tunics and dresses. Elaine is a complete metalhead, fashioning her work from thousands of tiny metal rings woven and soldered together and studded with gems. I love the feel of chainmail on the body, and it always makes you the center of attention!

Who: Kara Aubin and Daniel Juzwiak
What: Hand-forged Jewelry
Where: Kalamazoo, MI
Web: http://www.karadanieljewelry.com/index.php
Why: Kara and Daniel hand-hammer and fabricate their designs in steel, silver and gold, highlighting gritty Diamond crystals and beads, and glowing stones such as electric blue Apatite and luminescent Prehnite. Their spot-on combos of color matched to strong-lined designs bring them much acclaim and plenty of fans!

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