Friday, July 13, 2012

Stone Whisperer

Who: Kevin Lane Smith
What: Gem Carver
Where: In the field
Web: Not available
Why: Kevin is an old friend and a phenomenal gem carver. He's widely recognized as an expert in the mining and carving of American Opal, especially super rare Oregon Opal. He also works with Opal from other locations, as well as rare and unusual gems of collector caliber. He can coax heart-jolting color out of his pieces because he has years of experience in cutting a gem precisely to take advantage of its crystal orientation, and also because he just has a gift, an intuitive sense of what's going on inside an otherwise sleepy stone. I've met hundreds of cutters through the years and very few of them have this "soul of a stone whisperer". Kevin's gems reflect his wise and gentle nature too...lots of positive vibes and always a joy to wear!

Column 1
Fire Opal Carved Pendant
Ajoite Phantom Quartz Carved Pendant
Oregon Opal Carved Pendant
Column 2
Oregon Opal Carvings and Pendant
Cat's-eye Blue Apatite Carved Pendant
Dragon's Eye Ethiopian Chocolate Opal
Column 3
"Chamber" -- White gold and sterling silver neckpiece featuring one of Kevin's Oregon Opal Carvings, along with Meteorite and Fire Opal, designed and made by your friendly neighborhood blogger...that would be me.  :)
Fire Agate Carved Pendant
Oregon Opal Carving

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