Monday, July 16, 2012

Schooled for Jewels

Who: Fredricka and Scott Kulicke
What: Handmade Jewelry
Where: Parsippany, NJ
Why: Fredricka and Scott create simple and lovely gemmy jewels in sterling and high karat gold...they are so very wearable, and so very treasurable for their notably intricate designs. They also run the Kulicke School of Jewelry Art, well-known for their program of teaching ancient jewelry techniques. That includes granulation, those squintingly small balls applied one at a time to a jewelry design. They also teach filigree work, chainmaking and enameling, as well as basic techniques for soldering, clay casting and stone cutting. These are jewelry traditions that set a collection apart from the rest, whether used for ancient Byzantine jewels found in museums or beautiful pieces like these that you can add to your own collection.  :)

Note: Fredericka is the daughter of Robert Kulicke who established the Kulicke-Stark Academy with Jean Stark. Later renamed the Jewelry Arts Institute, it is also a highly esteemed school specializing in ancient jewelry techniques. Watch for a blog post on a few JIA students later in the week.  :)



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