Friday, May 25, 2012

Baubles and Bees

Who: Keri Ataumbi
What: Wearable Art and Custom Jewelry
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Why: I came across Keri's work in a gallery while on vacation and was immediately intrigued by her generous use of insect motifs...plenty of ants and bees and scarabs scurry throughout her work in mysteriously mischievous ways. I must admit I'm more drawn to her pared-down pieces, like her disk and drop earrings and her concave dish bracelets, along with her gemmy little stack rings. Her textures are refined and subtle and add pleasant character to her work, and she uses just the right touch of Chocolate Diamonds, Moonstones, Fancy Sapphires and a colorful palette of Tourmalines.
Keri's background is intriguing as well...she is the daughter of a Kiowa mother and an Italian father and the sister of award-winning bead artist Teri Greeves, she grew up on a Wyoming reservation, studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, and now resides in Santa Fe, making beautiful jewels, raising a family and tending to honeybees and her organic garden. Lots of cultural and artistic influence in the mix and an abundance of talent as well!



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