Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hidden Apparitions

Who: Mikel Robinson
What: Mixed Media Digital Art, Handcrafted Jewelry,
Vintage Found Objects and Ephemera
Where: Durham, NC
Why: Mikel is another one of those mystically gifted artists that transports you into another realm, one of dreamy fantasy, sometimes eerie, sometimes provocative, but always mesmerizing. He uses a vast palette of media, from gold leaf to weathered relics, as well as hauntingly recurring images...Ferris wheels, black ravens, silent, still trees.
I'm most drawn to his rich layering of techniques and materials, combined with a practiced hand to mood-driven perfection. Or I should say imperfection, as each piece definitely bears a time-wizened quality. Steampunk, but older, wiser, more primal and mysterious. Unforgotten archetypal memories perhaps? Or just apparitions from an artist's inner journey? The images will linger with you nevertheless.
Mikel divides his work among three different shops:
Galerie De Illuminata--Mixed Media Art and Illuminations
Sanctum Ornamentum--Hand Made and Antique Wearable Art and Jewels
Ephemera and Object--Vintage Found Objects and Ephemera
I'm curious to know...which pieces appeal to you?

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