Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Call me must be Spring!

Michael Romanik
East Cleveland, OH
Cloisonné enamel on fine silver, fine and sterling silver
"Recent inspiration comes from nature: the vibrant plumage of a songbird, the delicate markings of a butterfly wing, the gentle curve of a small branch..."

Sean Brown
Denver, CO
Natural feathers, ceramic, 22K gold, 14Kgf, semi-precious gemstones, handmade artist brush
"Stylized imagery, often inspired by African, Aztec and Egyptian as well as contemporary pop culture is the starting point. To this is added a liberal use of vibrant color, interesting shape as well as delightful pattern..."

Jim Mullan
Pompano Beach, FL
Hand-carved wood, mixed metals, natural materials, found objects
"Objects that were once cast aside as useless are now the foundation for our assemblages. The birds give life to these once forgotten pieces of yesterday..."

Kathryn Riechert
Savannah, GA
Sterling silver, peridot, enamel
"My inspirations come from everyday life, as I seek to transform the beauty I find into the permanence of metal and stone. The designs are often uplifting with positive messages in the hopes that they can make the world a little bit brighter..."

Christina Goodman
Alameda, CA
Cast resin, 22k gold leaf, acrylic paint
"These small objects, paintings and wearable miniatures are hand painted using extremely fine brushes and a magnifier. The work is inspired by Renaissance painting and frames, trompe l'oeil, manuscript illumination, and all things miniature..."



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