Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Other Side of The Coin

Who: Sean Hale
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Indiana
Why: Okay, if you mention the phrase "coin jewelry" to me, I usually won't squeal with excitement. Sean's jewelry on the other hand is so worth jumping up and down with squealful glee! First and foremost he uses screamingly cool gemstones, the kind with character that you see just so all too rarely. Royston, Peacock, Candelaria and Lazy Old Men varieties of Turquoise, Umba Sapphire, Pietersite, Kyanite and all sorts of Tourmalines. Then he uses unusual coins that have been damaged or that have been in circulation for a long time...the ones that otherwise would be cast aside by collectors. The coins themselves have interesting elements too like those funky vintage fonts! And finally his workmanship and design aesthetic are impeccable. He sets his stones beautifully with smooth secure bezels (he doesn't just glue them in like some other jewelers) and he adds delightful details that draw the bezels into the design...they're not just plopped on top of the ring. I never thought I'd be caught dead with a "coin ring" but I would definitely make an exception for Sean's little baubles.  :)



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