Friday, August 24, 2012

Golden Bliss

Who: Jonathan Lee Rutledge
What: Handcrafted Fine Jewelry
Where: Evanston, IL
Why: Fabulously talented, highly acclaimed jeweler Jonathan Lee Rutledge specializes in 22K gold designs with stunningly meticulous granulation. I don't know how he does it...the lines are so even, the shapes are so symmetrical! Granulation is gorgeous but it really does take a total zen state of mind to get it right and Jonathan seems to have a lock on it. His Etruscan-inspired designs are blissfully beautiful to behold.
Jonathan will be exhibiting at the American Craft Expo this weekend...if you are anywhere near Evanston, must. go. Even if you're a few hours away, make the trip. These artists are the super elite of the fine craft world all in one place for one weekend, so it's my idea of heaven on earth.  :)



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