Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two on Tuesdays...Written in Stone

Who: Andrea Williams of Bound Earth
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Cohasset, MA
Web: http://www.boundearth.com/index.html
Why: Andrea is devoted to nature in all aspects of her life, from collecting seedpods on her frequent outdoor hikes to using only non-mined materials in her work and encouraging other jewelers to do the same. Her goal is to share her sense of wonder and reverence for the earth, and to help develop a communal sensitivity and respect for the gifts that it provides. Her pieces bear that message beautifully...bold balanced designs, gently uniting person to place.
Want to learn more about Andrea's award-winning earth-friendly jewels?
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Who: Jaye Woodstock
What: Handcrafted Jewelry
Where: Boston, MA
Web: http://www.jayewoodstock.com/
Why: I'm drawn to the serenity in Jaye's jewels, not just in the pieces, but in her process. With the patience of the most blessed Buddhist monk, she makes each individual link of her chains, roller-prints and constructs each hollow form, and shapes each irregular bezel by hand...not easy, let me tell you. But when everything is right, the tranquil trance you get into is energizing, makes the time fly by, and transforms not just the piece but you too. Her jewelry communicates this serene spirit to the one who wears it in the most quietly pleasing way.



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