Monday, January 23, 2012

Here Be Dragons...

Who: Liz Russell of R Honey Pots
What: Handmade Ceramics
Where: Forestville, CA
Why: I love Liz's hand-scratched animal and fantastical designs! Sgraffito is one of my favorite ceramic techniques...covering the piece mid-process with slip, scratching a design into it, then completing the firing and glazing process. See how Liz does it here...a magical transformation in the heat of a kiln dragon's fires!

Who: Christi Friesen of CF Originals
What: Beads, Jewelry, Vessels and Sculptures
Where: Tehachapi, CA
Why: Christi is wickedly witty and talented, creating all sorts of functionals, wearables and ornamentals out of polymer clay, precious metals and gems, glass, found objects, etc. She teaches countless classes and writes towers of books on how to do it so you can learn too. I think she's probably a blast as a teacher and if I ever get anywhere near Tehachapi, look out Christi, here I come!

Who: Dana Schneider
What: Jewelry and Film Props
Where: Ohio and Los Angeles
Why: Edgy, mythical designs in sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold rock my medieval self. Dana is RISD-educated, Tiffany-trained and highly sought after not just for her ultracool jewels, but for movie props and treasures as well. She has worked on the Terminator, Transformer and Tron series, Wolverine, X-Men, Elektra...the list goes on, and so does her client list, which includes Cher, Pink, Rooney Mara and Burton C. Bell of Freak Factory. That dragon is calling my name, along with that knuckle-busting ring...bring 'em on. ;)

~ Happy Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Dragon! ~

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