Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blossoms, Birch Trees and Boxer Shorts

Who: Josie Jurczenia of Josie's Pot Shop and Fourth and Clay
What: Handmade Functional and Ornamental Ceramics
Where: Berkeley, CA
Why: Josie is one of a celebrated group of feisty Bay Area female ceramicists. After 30 years as a founder, lead designer and president of a highly acclaimed children's clothing company, she's turned her ample talents to making delightful and whimsical ceramics. Her textile-themed pieces boast whirling rosette appliques and bold floral patterns. Her lively birch tree forms animate a quirky curvy series of cups, vases, pitchers and tea sets.
And just in time for Valentine's Day, Josie has created a laughingly sassy line of fun undergarments in clay..."His" and "Hers" mugs, plates and swinging trinkets sprinkled with bright red hearts. Brandish your boxers as you swig your morning coffee and plop your pancakes right on top of your tightie whities! Best way I can think of to air your flirty laundry! ;)



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